Nash Podcast S2 E39

Nash Tackle Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 39 - Bill Cottam

This week joining Hassan in the studio we have another northern carp fishing legend, former Mr Nutrabaits himself Bill Cottam.

Bill has an incredible carp fishing pedigree dedicating himself to the sport in his early years fishing venues such as Lymm Dam before a meeting of carping minds led to a huge number of changes and would set the president for Bills’ future work within the industry. This meeting was with non-other than Tim Paisley. Before the two went onto form the mega bait brand that was Nutrabaits, himself and Tim headed to Darenth big lake as well as other venues such as the famous “Mangrove” Shropshire syndicate and Bill talks through his captures, experimentations and development over this time.

Bill talks about the development of Nutrabaits as well as his team of incredible anglers which helped shape the most popular and best selling two baits namely Big Fish Mix and Trigga. Bill talks about his wider thoughts on bait and bait application all reflected by an approach which Bill uses to target big carp to this very day. Bill goes onto give insight into the modern-day trends within the bait industry and how Nutrabaits chapter ended for him.

Bill has had a huge amount of big fish success on the continent and he discusses his incredible annihilation of Luke Moffats Graviers lake where he accounted for all the lakes A team including “Scar” at over 80lbs+ , a fish which once held the world carp record. Bill also talks about capturing the Saussie Common at over 70lbs+ and how recently he has carried on his rich vein of big continental carp form catching five fish over 70lbs in just four session in France. There’s no doubting Bills incredible achievements in terms of big carp and his mindset and desire to wait for the real big carp rather than catch numbers is second to none.

Finally Bills shares his passion for writing including how he came to write his own book in amongst regularly writing articles for the likes of Carp Talk and to this very day Carpology magazine. He also talks about the modern scene and social media and how carp fishing is changing.

Bill is a true carp fishing hall of famer, his love for the sport and knowledge for bait and how to single out big fish has put him firmly on the map as a true carping superstar that has survived the test of time and is still producing results to this very day. Enjoy this honest, open and direct podcast.

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