Titan TC and TC Pro Mesh Capsule

A brilliant all season accessory for the compact Titan TC and TC Pro models the optional Mesh Capsule keeps you protected and concentrating on the fishing rather than worrying about unexpected visitors in your luggage or clothing.

TCode: T4119

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Instant clip in sealed mesh capsule

A fast fit internal loop and toggle system allows the inner mesh capsule complete
with sewn in medium weight groundsheet to be added easily on the underside of the
cover and around the base of the Titan skirt, also eliminating condensation drip in variable temperature conditions. Once fitted the capsule can remain in situ, for double quick erection and packdown.

  • Instant clip in sealed mesh capsule protection from insects, snakes and rodents
  • Minimises condensation drip
  • Internal light hook inside capsule

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Product Information


Discontinued - 02/08/2018


Weight: 2.5kg
Internal dimensions:
270cm (W) x 122cm (H) x 164cm (D)

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