The Key® Stabilised

Nashbait have achieved the impossible, a stabilised premium HNV - the same blockbuster Key performance but no freezer required!

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The bait breakthrough that challenges 30 years of using frozen baits - the same active formula of the groundbreaking Key but straight out of the bag.

It's not shelf-life, it's not frozen, it's stabilised - giving anglers everywhere the convenience of the highest quality bait ever made commercially without any requirement for freezers, cool bags or ice packs to keep it in perfect condition.

The result of several years development and investment into new machinery and processes, allowing the complex and sensitive ingredients of The Key to be protected and stabilised without affecting the predigestion and nutritional value that makes it such a deadly bait - this is the bait that no-one thought it was possible to produce.

Dr Keith Sykes, whose research has been pivotal in the development of The Key and Cultured® Hookbaits has had his beliefs changed by the success of Key Stabilised.

‘I can detect no visible difference in feeding response to either form of The Key,’ he said. ‘The Key Stabilised is every bit as incredible as The Key Frozen. It’s an amazing new direction for someone like me who has had a lifetime commitment to using frozen baits.’

Step into the future of carp bait!

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Name TCode
The Key Stabilised 15mm 1 kg B7241
The Key Stabilised 18mm 1 kg B7251
The Key Stabilised 20mm 1 kg B7242
The Key Stabilised 24mm 1 kg B7238
The Key Stabilised 12mm 5 kg B7244
The Key Stabilised 15mm 5 kg B7246
The Key Stabilised 18mm 5 kg B7252
The Key Stabilised 20mm 5 kg B7247
The Key Stabilised 20mm 5 kg B7237

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