The Key®

The result of the longest, most intense development programme ever dedicated to a single carp bait, The Key® is a Nashbait Revolution.

The Key® is remarkable. The Key® has given the anglers chosen to test it the results of their life. Now the most advanced bait ever developed by Nashbait is revealed.

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The most advanced bait ever developed by Nashbait is revealed...

A truly no compromise bait formulated without cost constraint, The Key® is the most nutritionally complex, premium boilie ever made commercially available – resulting in captures both in the UK and Europe that have simply set a new benchmark for carp bait performance.

Keeping such a devastating bait under wraps has been as big a challenge as the development of the bait itself. When field testing produces more takes in one session than an entire previous season, or not just one but several members of a venue’s A Team carp in one trip – word spreads fast.


Key® boilies combine cutting edge aquatic feed technology with broad-spectrum digestive activity in a soft centred bait which continually breaks down its own complex proteins into nucleotides, amino acids and other highly stimulatory feeding triggers. A constantly changing bait, The Key® continuously generates the most powerful food signal yet achieved in a boilie.


Perfect for pressured fisheries

What makes The Key® so deadly? The list of ingredients and additives is complex, including fishmeal, pre-digested fishmeal, kelp, spirulina, three milk proteins, two yeasts plus green lipped mussel and powdered enhancers. Completed with a deadly low-level essential oil blend and taste modifier, The Key® works best in small quantities – a bait revolution perfect for today’s pressured fisheries.

Because of the high nutritional value and super rich nature of The Key®, feed at a maximum of 50% of the quantity that you would with a standard boilie, topping up sparingly after each take. 


Bulk Bags

Perfect for campaign fishing on the venues where it will be at its most deadly – bulk 5kg bags of The Key® offer a practical, cost effective option for baiting teams and steady feeding where angling competition is intense, and the rewards are high.

Buying in bulk doesn’t mean we recommend you bait in bulk. The Key’s high nutritional value makes it an incredibly cost effective option. For peak performance bait to a maximum of 50% of the level of other food baits. Exceed these levels and because of the rich nature of The Key®, whilst triggering more intense, competitive feeding the feeding period will be shorter.

The Key® is irresistible in the short term but becomes addictive when introduced long term.


Bait for the big girls

“I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have been called jammy, after moving on to a lake and quickly catching the lake’s biggest which others have been after for years. It’s not down to luck, 40 years of carp fishing has taught me that there are baits that give you the action and there are baits that give less action but time after time catch the big girls.

"This is because of subtle and natural attraction rather than nature identical chemical attractors. The Key® is not the bait to use when fishing runs waters, The Key® is specifically designed for the big fish specialist to reduce campaign time, targeting the lake’s biggest fish or those most rarely caught.”

Kevin Nash

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The Key Frozen Boilies 12mm 1kg B9103
The Key Frozen Boilies 15mm 1kg B9101
The Key Frozen Boilies 18mm 1kg B9111
The Key Frozen Boilies 20mm 1kg B9102
The Key Frozen Boilies 12mm 5kg B9105
The Key Frozen Boilies 15mm 5kg B9106
The Key Frozen Boilies 18mm 5kg B9112
The Key Frozen Boilies 20mm 5kg B9107

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