Spot On Line Marker

A revolutionary brush on high-viz accuracy marker, Spot On allows you to mark reel lines in seconds without knots, elastic or tape. At the end of a session it simply peels off.

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Spot On is a liquid line marker that brushes on to your reel line and air cures in seconds to form a thin high-viz skin. Once dried Spot On won’t slip or move, casts effortlessly though the rings and sits unobtrusively on the spool. No more knots, tape or power gum, Spot On creates a fine, tough fluoro skin to allow you to clip up accurately to land precisely over your baited area or target feature.

Unlike other marker systems that can damage or kink line, or require scissors to be used to remove them, Spot On simply peels away between finger and thumbnail with no possible damage to your main line. Supplied in six colours Spot On allows different rods and feeding spots to be colour coded for both spod and marker rods as well as baited rigs. Spot On is a simply brilliant paint and peel solution to accuracy and line marking. Each bottle contains 4.5 ml of liquid.


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Spot On Line Marker Orange T6030
Spot On Line Marker Green T6032
Spot On Line Marker Purple T6033
Spot On Line Marker Blue T6031
Spot On Line Marker Pink T6028
Spot On Line Marker White T6029

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