Simon Crow The Adventures of a Carp Angler

Renowed carper Simon Crow's fifth book and without doubt his best - it's the documentary of a carp angler living a life far from ordinary. Colourful, beautifully written and the story of a 25 year romance with carp anywhere and everywhere around the world.

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A wonderful read and a great gift

Covering 40 chapters and over 450 pages of a glittering carp angling career, Simon Crow's The Adventures of a Carp Angler covers 25 years that have seen him become one of the most distinguished and successful big carp catchers in the UK.

From early day ticket doubles and forays into feature writing for Carpworld to winning the first World Carp Cup in 1996, becoming editor of Carp Talk, pioneering to Morocco, South Africa and more besides there isn't a carp angler alive who won't be inspired by Simon's ability not just to catch carp but to recount it with the same energy and enthuisasm he puts into the fishing itself. 

Full of colour, full of history and more importantly full of the memories, observations and true life grit from living at the sharp end of the sport. A wonderful read and a great gift for any angler.

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