Scope Ops Single Rod Skins

Advancing rod skin design the Scope Ops Skins are fully padded, with generous reel pouches for big pit models and a nice touch is the retractable carry handles that Velcro neatly out the way when used in conjunction with Double Skins. The addition of D loops allows 6ft Single Skins to be connected to the 6ft Double Skin, or 9 and 10ft Skins to be carried via a shoulder strap (not included).

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  • Showerproof

Generous reel pouches for big pit models

 Neater than ever with reversed seams throughout, Nash camo finish and enlarged zips for long term performance.


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Name TCode
Scope Ops 6ft Single Skin T3760
Scope Ops 9ft Single Skin T3762
Scope Ops 10ft Single Skin T3763

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