Scope Corks

The proven performance of the 1K Scope carbon blend blanks, now with classic cork handle style, updated for 2020 and now in a wider range of test curves thanks to the addition of the neat 6 foot 1lb, plus 2.25lb for floater fishing and 2.75lb models for light work with finesse.

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Classic Cork Handle Style

Options for more power come from the 3.5lb S stepped up blanks which handle solid PVA bags, heavy leads, flowing water and huge carp with ease.

Available Options

Name TCode
Scope Cork 6ft 1lb T1740
Scope Cork 6ft 2lb T1741
Scope Cork 6ft 3lb T1742
Scope Cork 9ft 2.25lb T1743
Scope Cork 9ft 2.75lb T1745
Scope Cork 9ft 3lb T1747
Scope Cork 9ft 3.25lb T1749
Scope Cork 9ft 3.5lb S T1751
Scope Cork 10ft 2.25lb T1744
Scope Cork 10ft 2.75lb T1746
Scope Cork 10ft 3lb T1748
Scope Cork 10ft 3.25lb T1750
Scope Cork 10ft 3.5lb S T1752

Product Information

Tech Spec
  • Full cork handle
  • Matt black Fuji Gold Label reel seat
  • Reversed American Tackle Vortex Air Guides
  • 50mm butt rings on 3.5lb S and 3.25lb models
  • 40mm ringing on 2.25, 2.75 and 3lb models
  • Anti frap tip rings on all models
  • Laser etched compass butt cap detail
  • Scope compass logo reel seat detail
  • Carbon line clip with scope detailing
  • Blank alignment markers for retracting butt and central overfit

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