Scope Black Ops

Built around extreme strength high modulus blanks that blend 24 and 30 tonne carbon with a strengthening cross wrap and 1K weave the new 2019 Black Ops series rods are beyond comparison.

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Smoothest casting performance of any Scope yet!

Featuring the highest grade fittings seen on any Nash production rod they use Alps ARD matte black reel fittings for a custom flavour, with knurled twin locking collars and minimalist design. Pacific Bay high stand off Minima guides from a 50mm butt to an anti-frap tournament tip on all 9 and 10ft models give the smoothest casting performance of any Scope yet.

Carbon line clips, carbon back stops to prevent rod creep and matte black para cord butt grips complete a serious package of looks and pure performance. Available from the compact 6ft models to stepped up 3.5lb blanks for the most extreme carp in the toughest environments.

Available Options

Name TCode
Scope Black Ops 6ft 2lb T1720
Scope Black Ops 6ft 3lb T1721
Scope Black Ops 9ft 3lb T1722
Scope Black Ops 10ft 3lb T1723
Scope Black Ops 9ft 3.5lb S T1724
Scope Black Ops 10ft 3.5lb S T1725

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