Pinpoint Brute Hooks

Unrivalled strength for the most demanding fishing – the new Pinpoint Brute is the strongest Nash hook pattern yet.

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The strongest Nash hook pattern yet!

Designed with a 20% increase in wire gauge yet retaining the renowned Pinpoint razor sharp point profile for unbeatable rig efficiency. Straight pointed but with a 12 degree downturn for maximum security under pressure and an enlarged eye profile for high diameter snag link materials, the Brute is versatile enough for any common pop up or bottom bait presentations. It’s the pattern that leaves no question mark over tackle strength when faced with the biggest carp or the most hostile environments.

Available Options

Name TCode
Pinpoint Brute Size 2 Micro Barbed T6144
Pinpoint Brute Size 4 Micro Barbed T6145
Pinpoint Brute Size 6 Micro Barbed T6146
Pinpoint Brute Size 8 Micro Barbed T6143

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