The Key® Pastel Airball Pop Ups

The Key® Airball Pop ups carefully formulated to resemble washed out high-viz hookbaits - brilliant for carp that see high-viz baits time after time.

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A real edge for hard fished carp



Pastels offer five colour options in one pot with subdued tones of yellow, orange, pink, purple and a pure white to resemble the older, safer baits eaten more confidently by hard fished carp.

Ultra buoyant for optimum performance of chod rigs, and stiff rigs. Available in 10 x 15mm, 15 and 20mm.

Available Options

Name TCode
THE KEY PASTEL POP UPS 12mm (50g) B2109
THE KEY PASTEL POP UPS 15mm (75g) B2111
THE KEY PASTEL POP UPS 18mm (75g) B2114
THE KEY PASTEL POP UPS 20mm (75g) B2112

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