The Key® Airball Pop Ups

Ultra buoyant dedicated Key® Airball Pop Ups for presentation versatility.

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Ultra buoyant for chods

The legendary Nash Airball mix now offers improved buoyancy for the most effective pop up, chod rig and jointed stiff link presentations.

Constantly releasing deadly Key® attractors, needle friendly colour matched Key® Airballs retain their buoyancy and balance even when left out for long periods. Available in 12, 15 and 20mm.

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Name TCode
The Key Airball Pop Ups 12mm (50g) B2108
The Key® Airball Pop Ups 15mm (75g) B2106
The Key® Airball Pop Ups 18mm (75g) B2113
The Key® Airball Pop Ups 20mm (75g) B2107

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