Instant Action Spod Syrups

Bulk PVA friendly liquid boosters – these dense syrups contain the same liquid and powdered additives that make the Instant Action boilie range so effective. Increasing the taste and smell in a swim instantly, these syrups can be used on everything from maggots to floaters to boilies and pellets with no limit to inclusion.

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Bulk PVA friendly liquid boosters

Instant Action syrups combine food based constituents and oil based elements to ensure attraction at all levels and solubility in all temperatures, with two blended sweeteners to provide a rounded taste and improved cold water performance. 

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Name TCode
Instant Action Strawberry Crush Spod Syrup B3370
Instant Action Pineapple Crush Spod Syrup B3371
Instant Action Candy Nut Crush Spod Syrup B3372
Instant Action Monster Crab Spod Syrup B3373
Instant Action Squid and Krill Spod Syrup B3374
Instant Action Coconut Crème Spod Syrup B3375

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1 litre bottles.


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