Instant Action Plume Juice

The high viz Instant Action Plume Juices are a breakthrough - creating an aura of colour and attraction around the hookbait.

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PVA friendly

Plume Juices are a booster that creates a vivid and highly visible flavour and taste trail. They use human food grade safe dyes, fishery owners take note! Do not compare them with similar products that could be harmful to fish and the environment.

Use Plume Juices to boost mesh and solid PVA bags, sticks and hookbaits, their application is limitless. When takes dry up on zigs kick start the action again by soaking a Zig Bug or piece of Ziggaz Foam in Plume Juice – the longer the better - to create a high attract visible flavour trail.

Available Options

Name TCode
Crab and Krill 100ml B3590
Candy Nut Crush 100ml B3597
Pineapple Crush 100ml B3594
Coconut Creme 100ml B3592
Squid and Krill 100ml B3599
Monster Crab 100ml B3598
Strawberry Crush - 100ml B3593

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