Indulgence Winter Shroud

Tailor the warmth of your sleep system with the waterproof, one season Winter Shroud.

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Now in Lake Legends Camo finish

Offering one season warmth the Winter Shroud upgrades the Indulgence 4 Season Sleep Systems to 5 Season extreme performance as well as allowing 5 Season users to tailor their Sleep Systems between the 3 and 5 Season duvet options.

Alternatively, strip off your duvet on summer nights and fit the shroud for cooling comfort. Finished in 5000mm hydrostatic head tape seamed waterproof PU coated peachskin with fast fit toggles and in the exclusive Nash Lake Legends camouflage pattern.

NOTE: Not available for Emperor models

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Available Options

Name TCode
Indulgence Winter Shroud SS2/SS3 T9424
Indulgence Winter Shroud SS3 Wide T9425
Indulgence Winter Shroud SS4 T9426
Indulgence Winter Shroud SS4 Wide T9427

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