In-Line Flat Square

A unique design to Nash the In-Line Flat Square is deadly inside PVA bags, offering different hooking characteristics that routinely catch out the wariest carp. 

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Stays hidden, nails carp

Simple but brilliant the In-Line Flat Square has proven an amazing success, sitting inconspicuously over clean bottoms and in clear water, slipping easily inside PVA bags, staying hidden beneath bag fillings and offering a totally different tension build up to a carp that tightens the hook length.

Its shape also lends itself to moulding groundbait or paste around, without a clearly visible feeder around the hook bait to spook hard fished carp. In the smaller sizes the In-Line Flat Square has been deadly, providing just enough tension to nick a hook point home but not enough for carp to easily shake them out. Smaller Flat Squares also sink slowly over soft or weedy bottoms for improved presentation.

Key Features:

  • Excellent over gravel and hard bottoms
  • Superb for solid PVA bag work
  • Unique hooking characteristics
  • Holds moulded groundbait and paste on the cast
  • Flat profile prevents rolling
  • Two styles of textured camouflage coating
  • Available in 1.1 – 6 oz

Available Options

Name TCode
1.1 oz Weed/silt T2330
1.5 oz Weed/silt T2331
2 oz Weed/silt T2332
2.5 oz Weed/silt T2333
3 oz Weed/silt T2334
4 oz Weed/silt T2335
6 oz Weed/silt 6 oz Weed/silt
1.1 oz Gravel/clay T2340
1.5 oz Gravel/clay T2341
2 oz Gravel/clay T2342
2.5 oz Gravel/clay T2343
3 oz Gravel/clay T2344
4 oz Gravel/clay T2345
6 oz Gravel/clay T2346

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