Hookbait Kit

From cork ball pop ups to custom bottom baits the Hookbait Kit is the answer for those important edges for difficult carp

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a serious edge

Making your own hookbaits is a serious edge, Hookbait Kits combined with the Nashbait Liquids and Additives range allow you to make wicked pop ups, balanced baits and special bottom baits that will catch more carp, especially when the fishing is hard.

The base mix in the Hookbait Kits uses additional hardeners to create perfect skins around cork ball pop ups or extra durable bottom baits that can be left out for long periods. They come with the exact same liquid blend used to make the feed boilies for each Nashbait recipe.

As well as changing the levels of the same attractors you can also make hookbaits that include additional additives for a twist, high attract baits using liquid and powdered attractors instead of bright colours. A carp’s sense of smell is better than its sight and if they go near the hookbait they often home in on it and pick it up first.

Custom Hookbait Recipe Suggestions

TG Active

  • 20ml TG Active Liquid, 1ml Scopex No.1, 0.25ml Betalin

The Key

  • 20ml The Key Liquid, 10ml L-Zero

Glug finished baits in Atlantic Salmon Oil or Hemp Oil

Scopex Squid

  • 20ml Scopex Squid Liquid, 5ml Crustacean Extract, 0.25 grams Liver Powder (end of a teaspoon)

Key Cray

  • 20ml Key Cray Liquid, 10ml Atlantic Salmon Oil or 10ml Liquid Sweetcorn Extract
  • All recipes are for one egg plus base mix


Guideline Boiling Times

Cork Ball Pop Ups

20-30 seconds

Bottom Baits

12mm            60-75 seconds

15mm            90 seconds

20mm            1m 45s to 2m

24mm            2m to 2m 30s

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Key Cray Hookbait Kit B9956
The Key Hookbait Kit B2118
Scopex Squid Hookbait Kit B6850

Product Information

Tech Spec
  • Contains 200 g Hookbait base mix and 20ml liquid additive

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