Fang Gaper

A seriously strong, ultra short shank, extra wide gape pattern the Gaper is the choice for the carper who pushes presentation boundaries to outsmart hard fished carp.

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  • Beaked Point

A seriously strong, ultra short shank, extra wide gape pattern

Super strong and extreme in the gape as the name suggests the Gaper is a brilliant choice for pop-up, bottom bait ands particle rigs where strength is paramount. It goes in and stays in, the inturned point coping brilliantly with the pressure exerted through heavy lead, short link and short hair presentations often used to outsmart wary carp.

The shape lends itself to D loops perfectly, and in smaller sizes the Gaper is a superb choice for floater and zig work as well as naturals or large Bread Bomb presentations.

  • Extreme wide gape extra strength pattern
  • Excellent short link, heavy lead choice
  • No additional sharpening required
  • Long lasting needle sharp point
  • High strength Japanese steel
  • Proven 20% stronger than hooks of a similar wire gauge
  • Barbless sizes 4-10
  • Micro barbed sizes 2-10
  • Additional odd sizes for optimum rig efficiency
  • Ten hooks per packet

Available Options

Name TCode
Fang Gaper Size 4 Barbless T7548
Fang Gaper Size 5 Barbless T7549
Fang Gaper Size 7 Barbless T7551
Fang Gaper Size 8 Barbless T7552
Fang Gaper Size 10 Barbless T7553
Fang Gaper Size 10 Micro Barbed T7527

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Discontinued - 19/02/2019

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