Dwarf Rods Abbreviated

Embrace the opportunist fishing lifestyle with the top selling Dwarf range that just got even better, thanks to fantastic new abbreviated handles and understated styling.

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Fantastic new styling

Choose from test curves from 2.75 lb up to the powerful 4.5 lb in 9 and 10 foot models, with black abbreviated low profile shrink grips or go shorter for real close quarter work with the deadly Dwarf six-footers for real eyeball to eyeball encounters and the smallest packdown possible.

Dwarf Abbreviated - New for September 2018

Three great new additions to the existing Dwarf rod range, adding both extra muscle for heavy duty applications and a lighter model for finesse.

The 6 foot 1lb Dwarf adds maximum fun to short rod fishing, making it the perfect partner for smaller species as well as smaller carp or even flicking lures around on holiday to take advantage of any opportunity that arises.

The gutsy 4.5lb versions are added by popular demand adding extra backbone for carp and also catfish in extreme environments – from reservoirs to giant rivers. Capable of handling heavy leads and strong braided lines they are a match for any fish that swims in freshwater.

Available Options

Name TCode
Dwarf Abbreviated 6ft 1lb *NEW T1528
Dwarf Abbreviated 6 foot 2 lb T1526
Dwarf Abbreviated 6 foot 3 lb T1527
Dwarf Abbreviated 9 foot 2.75 lb T1520
Dwarf Abbreviated 9 foot 3 lb T1521
Dwarf Abbreviated 9 foot 3.5 lb T1522
Dwarf Abbreviated 9ft 4.5lb *NEW T1529
Dwarf Abbreviated 10 foot 2.75 lb T1523
Dwarf Abbreviated 10 foot 3 lb T1524
Dwarf Abbreviated 10 foot 3.5 lb T1525
Dwarf Abbreviated 10ft 4.5lb *NEW T1509

Product Information

Tech Spec

• 9 ft models pack down to 44 inches (112cm), 10 ft models to 50 inches (127cm)
• Six foot Sawn-Off models retract to 29 inches (73cm)
• Ergonomic soft touch rubber reel seat
• Reverse mounted anti-frap Lo-fi ringing
• Matte black whipping and composite line clip
• Flared shrink butt grip
• Matte black butt cap with isotope slot


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