Dwarf ES Rods

Recognising the retractable butt design is a game changer for all, Nash have developed the Dwarf ES to bring short rod mobility and practicality to everyone

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Short rod mobility and practicality!

The same super short packdown as the world beating Dwarf series, strong, progressive actions and complete with fitted line clip, matte black whippings, anti-frap tip guide and stylish duplon and shrink fittings.

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Name TCode
Dwarf ES 9ft 2.75lb T1450
Dwarf ES 9ft 3lb T1451
Dwarf ES 9ft 3.5lb T1452
Dwarf ES 10ft 2.75lb T1453
Dwarf ES 10ft 3lb T1454
Dwarf ES 10ft 3.5lb T1455

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