Dwarf Cork

Bringing the premium feel of cork handle finish to Dwarf users by popular demand, and bringing short packdown performance to every situation thanks to the addition of a 6ft 1lb model for stalking, freelining and margin fishing plus a 2.75lb model for smaller venues and shorter range work.

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Cope With All Mainstream Carping

Alongside the proven 3lb and 3.25lb workhorses that cope with all mainstream carping there is a Dwarf Cork to suit everyone.

Available Options

Name TCode
Dwarf Cork 6ft 1lb T1470
Dwarf Cork 6ft 2lb T1471
Dwarf Cork 6ft 3lb T1472
Dwarf Cork 9ft 2.75lb T1473
Dwarf Cork 9ft 3lb T1474
Dwarf Cork 9ft 3.25lb T1475
Dwarf Cork 10ft 2.75lb T1476
Dwarf Cork 10ft 3lb T1477
Dwarf Cork 10ft 3.25lb T1478

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