Double Top Heavy Duty Groundsheet

An essential accessory for increased warmth, protection and longer life of your Double Top. Available for both Extreme 1 Man, 2 Man and Giant Double Top.

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Protects and increases the life of your Double Top

Manufactured from heavy duty PVC the Double Top Heavy Duty Groundsheets prevent rising damp to improve warmth and comfort and help reduce condensation.

Can be fitted inside the sealed inner capsule to prevent wear from boots and bedchair legs or underneath the inner capsule to protect against sharp, stony banks and muddy swims.

Available for Double Top Extreme 1 Man and 2 Man.

NOTE: The Double Top Extreme 1 and 2 Man Heavy Duty Groundsheets also fit the Double Top Apex 1 and Apex 2.


Available Options

Name TCode
Double Top Extreme 1 Man Heavy Duty Groundsheet T1034
Double Top Extreme 2 Man Heavy Duty Groundsheet T1037

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Discontinued 23/08/2019

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