Scopex Squid Cultured® Pop Ups

The Nashbait game changer, now available as a pop up. Using the unique layering and glazing process around an Airball core allows buoyant bait presentations to slowly release the same unique nature identical feeding triggers around a hookbait.

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The Nashbait game changer

Manufactured with an advanced neutral density skin Cultured® Pop Ups remain balanced even after the attractive culture has dissolved. Containing amino acids, nucleotides and vitamins and minerals that cannot be used in boiled baits Cultured® Pop Ups just like the original Cultured® Hookbaits catch more, catch bigger and have an incredible track record for producing the rarest of bankside visitors.


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Name TCode
Scopex Squid Cultured® Pop Ups 15mm (25 per bag) B6870
B6872 Scopex Squid Cultured® Pop Ups 20mm (15 per bag) B6872

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Available in 15mm and 20mm sizies

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