The Key Cultured® Hookbaits

Cultured® Baits are ground breaking coated hookbaits, covered in a living culture that produces a nature identical feeding signal never before been achieved in carp baits – until now.

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The greatest Nashbait game changer in over 30 years


Based on 15mm or 20mm balanced core baits, Cultured® Hookbaits are repeatedly layered 20 times over a six day period with the unique two stage Key Culture glaze and powder to form a living hookbait ‘skin’.

Containing heat sensitive amino acids, vitamins, minerals and soluble proteins these are incredibly special baits that send out the most natural feeding triggers of all - awesome big fish baits that simply say FOOD!

Exhaustive testing of these special baits showed an undeniable pattern where they repeatedly produced the biggest or most rarely caught carp from a venue, and fast! Takes can be instant.

Continually releasing feeding triggers replicating those found in a carp’s natural food, Cultured® Baits are the closest you can come to threading aquatic life on the hair. Rich in amino acids and nucleotides that are most effective in their free form, but have always been lost during the heating process of conventional boilie production, Cultured® Baits are accepted as natural food by a carp and eaten avidly without caution or fear.

Once cast out the cultured skin of the hookbait will slowly break down over a period of hours (depending on water temperature) until the balanced core bait remains.

NOTE Cultured Hookbaits are not suitable for freezing. Store in a cool, dry place.

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The Key Cultured Hookbaits 15mm B7216
The Key Cultured Hookbaits 18mm B7213
The Key Cultured Hookbaits 20mm B7215
The Key Cultured Hookbaits 24mm B7214

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Tech Spec

Mounting Cultured® Hookbaits

1. Cut or scrape away a section of culture skin to expose the core bait

2. Drill through the core bait using a fine, strong drill.

3. Thread the Cultured® Hookbait on the hair with the boilie stop secured tightly to the core bait.

4. The removed culture can be moulded back into the skin over the hair stop.

5. Use over Key free offerings, as a single bait, or with a PVA stick of Cultured® Stick Mix.


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