Cling On Leader

Super supple, ultra heavy, totally concealed. Cling-On is the leader material of the future.

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Now available in 40 and 65lb

So limp it contours and clings to any lakebed feature, Cling-On is the only choice when confronted with tackle conscious carp. Now through popular demand in 40lb and an extra strength 65lb for the most demanding venues.

Cutting edge braiding technology using extra heavy PTFE and Dyneema fibre results in a fast sinking, easy casting and extra tough leader material.

As limp as braid but as hard as nails! Available in weed, gravel and silt finishes. 10 metres per spool in 40lb, 7 metres per spool in 65lb.

Available Options

Name TCode
Cling-On Leader Silt 40lb 10m T8460
Cling-On Leader Gravel 40lb 10m T8462
Cling-On Leader Weed 40lb 10m T8461
Cling-On Leader Silt 65lb 7m T8465
Cling-On Leader Weed 65lb 7m T8466
Cling-On Leader Gravel 65lb 7m T8467

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