Citruz Cultured Hookbaits

Bright pink Citruz Cultured® Hookbaits slowly release complex fruit esters, aminos, nucleotides and vitamins and minerals from the dissolving Culture skin for unbeatable attraction in all conditions.

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Use with Cultured Fizzing Stick Mix

Repeatedly layered over a balanced core bait using Nashbait’s unique two stage Culture glaze process, the skin of Citruz Cultured® Hookbaits is infused with spray dried powdered versions of the killer Citruz additives. The ultimate conclusion to the Citruz range, they are one bait to get a bite when all else fails. For best results use with Citruz Cultured® Fizzing Stick Mix.

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Name TCode
Citruz Cultured Hookbaits 20mm (15 per pack) B7210
Citruz Cultured Hookbaits 18mm (15 per pack) B7209
Citruz Cultured Hookbaits 15mm (25 per pack) B7211

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