Bolt Machines

Regarded as the ultimate self-hooking in-line bolt controller - takes are explosive!

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Bolt Machines

Redesigned for better stealth performance these Bolt Machines are versatile and deadly. Interchangeable bodies detach from the rigid stems, allowing instant flexibility for different swims, varied casting requirements and drift conditions without breaking tackle down.

Push in high density foam sight strips in black and orange make it easier than ever to pick out your tackle even at range, whatever the lighting conditions, and can be dipped or soaked in Food Dips and other attractors, a vital edge to pull carp close to the hookbait.

Casting accurately yet touching down gently amongst confident carp the Bolt Machine has been shaped for stealth whilst retaining maximum pressure on the hook point when a hooklink is tightened. Available in 7 and 15 grams.

Key Features:

White low glare finish for effective surface concealment

Instantly interchangeable bodies without breaking tackle down

Push in high-viz foam sight tips for easy location of rig

CAD designed for maximum bolt effect and self-hooking


Available Options

Name TCode
Bolt Machine 7 gram T8470
Bolt Machine 15 gram T8471

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