The fastest sinking, heaviest hook length braid yet. Extra supple for ultimate rig performance, combined with incredible abrasion resistance and advanced camouflage.

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The fastest sinking, heaviest hook length braid yet.

Exclusively developed by Kevin Nash Armourlink uses ultra heavy sintered HD plus fibres blended in Dyneema. The result is a supple link material that sinks like a stone - three times faster than fluorocarbon.

Encapsulated by a unique resin Armourlink has been developed to offer excellent anti-tangle properties without an external coating and unbeatable abrasion resistance in the toughest of situations. Despite its strength, Armourlink remains amazingly supple in water for ultimate presentation. Armourlink is terminal tackle at the edge of technology – designed by Nash and manufactured in Europe.


Available Options

Name TCode
Armourlink 15 lb Weed 20m T8480
Armourlink 20 lb Weed 20m T8481
Armourlink 25 lb Weed 20m T8482
Armourlink 35 lb Weed 20m T8483
Armourlink 15 lb Gravel 20m T8485
Armourlink 20 lb Gravel 20m T8486
Armourlink 25 lb Gravel 20m T8487
Armourlink 35 lb Gravel 20m T8488
Armourlink 15 lb Silt 20m T8490
Armourlink 20 lb Silt 20m T8491
Armourlink 25 lb Silt 20m T8492
Armourlink 35 lb Silt 20m T8493

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Available in 15, 20, 25 and 35 lb in Weed, Gravel or Silt camouflage finishes. Supplied on 20 metre spools.

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