Welsh Winners!

NASH consultant John Cooper and his buddy James Dawson have recorded an amazing brace of coincidence carp - making Welsh history into the bargain.


Tackling the renowned White Springs complex near Swansea for a qualifying round of the Welsh Carp Championships the duo booked their place in the finals with a pair of the venue’s A Team carp on the bank at the same time.
Coming our 3rd in the draw John and James secured their second choice swim, basing their approach on the unstoppable Citruz pop ups over 4G Squid to take the first fish of the contest to put them at the top of the leaderboard for the first 24 hours.
Ringing the changes and switching to spots that had been steadily fed but not fished the second day saw the duo strike gold:

“Within an hour of re-doing the rods I was away with what felt like a decent fish, but it got itself stuck in the pads. The fishery rules applied for the competition so James went out in the boat and got over the top of it and could see it was one of the A Team, but once the fish saw him it bolted back out and I was able to play it again from the bank,” explained John.

Amazingly by the time Jamie returned and was waiting to net John’s fish, he was away too and within minutes two of the venue’s biggest carp were sulking in retainer slings at the same time.
John’s mirror tipped the scales to 35 lb 8 oz, a carp called Big B, James bagging a common called Cheryl that registered the exact same weight, over 70 lb of Welsh carp on the bank together in a match!

“It was a moment to remember for the fishery, ourselves and the whole of Wales,” said John. “I doubt it could ever happen again. The only thing to do was pop the cork on the champagne after the bankside stills and the fish went back. James and I have been fishing together for 17 years and this is by far our most magical moment, we both haven’t stopped smiling since.”