Tough D-Cam Testimony

ARE you 100% confident your line won’t let you down when it matters most? We know that NXT D-Cam is the toughest line on the market, and it’s when you’re connected to a carp you desperately need to land that you’ll be glad you chose D-Cam.

Long time Nash user Simon Bush from Gillingham, Kent recently found himself in exactly that situation on a local club water and D-Cam came up trumps. Fishing over hemp and boilies he hooked a carp that quickly got him into trouble.

‘The fish kited at high speed into a snaggy margin, and despite keeping the pressure on it wouldn’t kick itself free so I asked someone else to hold the rod whilst I went back to the car for some chest waders,’ the NHS estates manager explained.

Despite the changed angle of pull Simon still couldn’t shift the fish, and after five minutes heavy pressure he was doubting there would be a happy ending.

‘I couldn’t feel the fish moving so I assumed it had shed the hook,’ he continued. ‘I don’t like the idea of leaving tackle in the lake so I bit the line, wrapped it around the landing net handle about 50 times and pulled to try and remove as much line as possible from the water.

‘All of a sudden I felt it release and assumed the line had snapped but then the line started moving and the carp was still on, and kiting to the right,’ explained Simon, who was left playing the carp with his mainline wrapped around the net pole – eventually safely landing a 22 lb 12 oz common.

It topped an eight carp haul, including mirrors of 24 lb and 22 lb, using Fang Twisters and lead clip end tackles.

‘I honestly think this would not have been the end result without using the D-Cam or the Twister and just wanted to say thanks. Even the other angler said he’d be spooling up with D-Cam from now on.

‘I’ve used other lines in the past but none sink as well or disappear so well on the lakebed or in weed or are comparable for abrasion resistance and toughness,’ he said. ‘Everything is claimed to be the best but it’s the long standing products that tend to deliver what they say, and it was really appreciated to get a personal reply from Kevin after I emailed Nash about the line’s performance.’

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