The Key to Crowy's unstoppable run!

Posted by Simon Crow
1635 days ago

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Top Nash consultant and Carp Talk editor Simon Crow has continued his unstoppable run of giants on The Key with a staggering UK 56 lb mirror.

The 44-year-old from Brough, East Yorkshire has already bagged a new personal best 83 lb common from Echo Pool in France, braced with a 69 lb mirror, along with a target 30-plus target Yorkshire winter common since using the new Nashbait blockbuster The Key.

Now Simon has added the much coveted 4x4, the giant mirror from Kevin’s own Church Pool at a colossal 56 lb 12 oz.

“I was at the lake for five days with my mate Chris Felton. We’d decided to split the lake in two halves and luckily I got the first choice so I opted for the Pylon end where a few fish had been caught from the previous week. It looked spot on for a biggie if I’m honest as the weather was low cloud with light drizzle, just the kind of spring weather I like,” explained Simon.

Presenting 20mm hookbaits on Fang X hooks and Combilink traces close to weedbeds over just a handful of crumbed and whole Key, the first 24 hours produced three carp including a fully scaled mirror of 30 lb.

“It then went quiet for 24 hours until the next take resulted in The Lizard at 41 lb 8 oz, which fought like crazy right into the net,” he revealed. “I’d never had a 40-pounder from the lake before so it was nice to finally get one because I’d lost the famous Decade Fish at the net a few years ago when it was around 50 lb.”

The next day was to see fortunes improve yet again, with one of the A-Team members Penny Scale in Crowy’s net at a huge 48 lb 6 oz.

“Thinking there was no way the session could ever get any better, the next day I had a really finicky take in the afternoon. I wasn’t sure if it was a coot or not because at the exact time the Siren sounded, two coots started making a noise,” said Simon.

“However when I lifted into the rod it was weeded and then I felt a slight kick on the end identifying a carp. For the next fifteen minutes it was then a case of gaining hardly any line at all as a very angry carp came to life. It weeded itself on several occasions before I eventually had it in the net. I knew straight away which fish it was and was totally blown away by it. It went 18 months without capture before being caught last autumn and is known for being a shy one. To see it in the bottom of my net was just awesome!”