Settling the score at Peuplier

Soft Scope stunner


Scope fan Dave Lidstone has notched up a long awaited landmark 50-pounder during a red letter session on Le Lac de Peuplier in Brittany.

The boss of noted big fish venue Emperor Lakes in Devon bagged eight 40-pounders topped by a target 53 lb common, with just one fish under 40 at 36 lb during a week session at the tricky 6.5 acre French venue.

‘It suffers typical small water syndrome,’ said Dave who has been involved helping develop the water since its inception in 2000. ‘The carp have gone from doubles, 20s and an odd 30 to at least 15 different 50s and a 60-pounder but they know you’re there as soon as you switch the ignition off, and are as difficult to catch as any carp I’ve been in front of. To put it in perspective I’ve had 12 consecutive blank days on there before where I couldn’t get a bite.’

Staying mobile and constantly trickle feeding boilies kept Dave in touch with the carp, takes coming on white pop-ups, TG Active and also Peperami. Two actionless days saw him move to be in front of a forecast fresh south westerly, where he’d spotted carp rubbing against a drainage pipe. The first night in the new swim produced three 40s and a 36-pounder, but within 12 hours he was packing up again.

‘They spooked up the bank,’ explained Dave. ‘ I followed them up for the day just with the rods and had a 44 common, then moved back for the night and blanked in the pipe swim so the following day shifted the rods again.’

Another 40 followed, before a longer wait to get a result on a pop up cast to a rolling fish that produced one of the venue’s most sought after mirrors The Pretty One at 48 lb. But it was one of Peuplier’s big commons that had long eluded Dave that made his trip extra special.

‘I’ve never been able to catch the common called The Twin,’ he said. ‘I’ve taken people over there and they’ve caught it first and last night of a stay, I’ve also lost it after having it over the net several times - I’ve got history with that fish.’
Casting at a rolling fish eventually saw Dave bag his target beating it on a 2.25 lb Scope, before weighing it at 53 lb.

‘I think it was my 60th 50-pounder and my 20th 50 plus common but I had never had a 50 lb common from this venue despite catching 20 50 lb mirrors,’ Dave explained.
Successful presentation included size 6 Fang X hooks to 16 inch Combilink traces to lead clip end tackles on 15 lb D-Cam main line, Dave targeting specific areas of the lake bed to keep the action coming:

‘The lake is hard bottomed but has a lot of potamogeton, like mini kelp, and the places for the takes were where the weed was dying back and the carp were feeding on the food that was being exposed,’ said Dave. ‘Plus they were areas that haven’t been fished all the rest of the year.’