Scoring on single Citruz

Posted by Simon Crow
1382 days ago

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This winter my plan was to target a couple of thirties up north in Yorkshire, both really old historical carp for the region. By southern standards, neither would be considered a ‘monster’ but for where I live they are big fish, both weighing in the low-mid-thirties bracket.

The first of these was a mirror known as the Helicopter Fish and the second called Cut Tail. Cut Tail has previous winter form having been caught in January before, and with the mild start to the winter I knew there was a great chance of both fish coming out.

I started really well in late November, catching on almost every overnighter I did. The plan was to fish at least two or three nights a week leading up to Christmas, all mid-week in between working in the day. I opted for the Citruz bottom baits in 20mm, fishing these as either singles or over a very light scattering of freebies.

Some great fish came my way almost every week, including several upper-twenties. Then, only a few days before Christmas I hooked into my first decent carp of the winter. It battled really hard all the way in and turned out to be the Helicopter Fish weighing a very welcome 34lb. Only a few minutes after landing it, one of my other rods went, this time with another really old character from the lake known as Baby Hoover at 29lb.

I couldn’t get down for four days following this, but when your luck’s in and you’re on a great bait, crazy things do happen. The next trip down I was back for another overnighter, arriving just before dark aiming to leave at 8am. Nothing happened all night until just before first light when I put the finishing touches to my winter campaign by landing Cut Tail at 33lb after only 12 nights of fishing!