New Grenville 40 on Coconut Creme

Posted by Steve Briggs
2063 days ago

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Flicking through my diary would you believe that in the last seven weeks I’ve only actually been at home for nine days? No wonder I feel worn out!
It hasn’t all been fishing as I’ve attended a few Nash events both in shops and out on the bank at the very pretty Chestnut Pool as well as having a few days filming in Belgium with Oli Davies. But of course I have managed to get the rods out a fair bit too, with sessions at home and abroad.
At the end of the month I had a week at the amazing Euro Aqua Lake in Hungary. It’s the water that everyone is talking about at the moment and with the amount of big fish that it’s producing it’s not hard to see why. I have to admit it was a frustrating trip for me but I did have a 12 hour period where I felt I was on top of things and in that small period I managed to land five fish between 42 and 51 lb along with five grass carp up to mid 40s. As ever they came on the Coconut Crème baits at fairly long range. I will be going back again next year to hopefully improve on those results.
Far and away my favourite session of the month was on home soil, at Grenville Lake up in Cambridgeshire. I love fishing there although my previous two trips hadn’t turned out too well so I was hoping to get lucky this time. In fact it ended up being a result way beyond all expectations. Once again I was armed with plenty of Coconut Crèmes but also with another bait on test from Nashbait as well as plenty of particle. It took me a day to get on the fish but once I was on them the action started quickly and before I knew it I’d landed half a dozen fish to over 30 lb. The fish were obviously on the lookout for food and with perfect weather conditions of strong winds and overcast skies it looked bang on for a good hit.
Later that morning I hooked in to a much heavier fish which turned out to be a new forty for the lake at 44 lb 8 oz which absolutely made the trip for me, but the more bait I put in, the more fish moved in to feed and at times it was difficult to keep up with them. Most of the action was coming from early morning onwards and continuing throughout the day. I was catching down the near margin, from a close range hole in the weed and from a large plateau where the bottom came up from 30 feet to half that depth at around 130 yards. Most of the fish including the 44-pounder came from the plateau.
For a change I was using the barbless Fang Uni in size 4 as they are a slightly heavier gauge and they were holding up really well, fished with a 12 inch (30cm) length of Combilink with a snowman hook bait. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time, but also getting the tactics right. I got through a lot of bait but the end result was 31 carp in the three days that I was on them.
Strange as it might seem to most people it is actually my UK fishing that I only have limited time for these days with so many trips away but a session like that certainly makes up for the lost time. There were no magic answers as usual, just hard work fairly basic rigs and good quality baits - the same combination which I always rely on!