Half Emptying Emperor

GETTING on the TG Active flicked a switch for electrician Andy Walsh - bagging the biggest carp in Emperor Lakes backed up by another two 40-pounders and three 30s.

Topping a sparkling run of captures since September 1st Andy, 53, picked up the spicy Nashbait formula on the advice of venue boss and Nash stockist Dave Lidstone and hasn’t looked back since – recently bagging The Moth at 49 lb 6 oz.

‘I changed to TG Active on Dave’s advice and it’s done really well for me,’ said Andy from Torquay. ‘I like the fact it’s a very different bait, I don’t like doing the same as everyone else.’

Andy’s run of big fish has also been based on presentation and how he has approached the pressured Devon venue: ‘I’ve been deliberately targeting areas that other people don’t fish,’ he said. ‘So instead of a lot of the usual spots that are fished week in and week out I’ve been fishing open water areas where I think the carp feel safer.’

Successful rig has been a neat combination of half a TG Active bottom bait and half a TG Airball pop up on the same hair, balanced so the bait is off bottom but the hook is underneath it.

‘It’s a really good presentation,’ revealed Andy. ‘I test it in a bucket so the bait is perfectly above the hook on a hair around an inch long. It caught me a lot of carp the previous year and is still working brilliantly.’

Presented helicopter style Andy has been using a combi link style presentation allowing him to target silty areas, using a boom section of Chod Link to help push the hookbait away from the end tackle as it settles.

Catching The Moth coincided with terrible weather, leaving Andy without any lines in the water for the start of a week session.

‘I didn’t fish the Thursday night when I arrived because of the horrendous weather and just scattered some boilies around,’ he revealed. Topping up with 100 baits spread widely over three rigs the next day action came in the early hours of the following morning from the lake’s most sought after carp.

Venue boss Dave Lidstone said: ‘I’m so pleased for Andy and also really proud of my lakes – I think we could produce three different 50 lb carp from the Syndicate Lake next year.’