Dream Walthamstow Session

James Theodorou’s plan comes good on the famous East London Reservoirs at Wathamstow, with two days of belting sport and a new personal best.

After a complete lap of Walthamstow’s Number 2 and 3 reservoirs and not seeing any carp or any signs, I set up in one of the more noted swims on Number 2 called Tea Party 2 at one side of the channel that links the two reservoirs together.

It commands loads of water with an island, reeds, open water, trees in the water everything I think where the carp would hang out, and it had been fishing quite well recently. Often there’s a pattern that the carp normally congregate in open water and by the island around 1-2pm.

By midday I had tried zigs, pop ups, balanced baits, fake corn, fluoro’, snowmen, different colours almost everything and with no response. I made another change to less obvious presentations with two rods on KD rigs, the first with a Monster Squid 15mm bottom bait drilled out two thirds of the way through and plugged with cork until the bait was sinking very slowly.

My other rod was set up the same but with a 15mm Black Salty Squid and I threaded a large PVA bag of crushed Monster Squid red and Black Salty Squid. The night before I’d filled up a bucket of 10,15 and 20mm boilies and put a load of Maldon sea salt and Monster Squid food and boilie dip in with them. I dipped the bag and hookbait in the Magma L030 and dusted it with the GLM powder - me and my Dad call it “Tar”.

It took me two casts to get both rods where I wanted them - right up tight to a fallen tree to the right hand side of the swim. As I was fishing up to snags I had the clutches screwed up really, and I kept my mix of soaked boilies going in over the top.

Just as I was recasting my third rod, I had a few beeps and I saw the rod tip twitch, so I hit it and I was in! With steady pressure it came straight away from the snags and an absolute mint 19 lb common was unhooked. I unclipped the rig and clipped a new one on as it was all balanced and ready to go to get it back out to the snags.

As I had my third rod out of the water I put a 15mm Monster Squid bottom bait balanced like the last one but on a fluorocarbon D-Rig using a size 6 Fang X, with 4 feet of Cling-On leader and a 2oz lead. I cast this rod further up the margin about 10 feet off the reeds as I had been steadily baiting with boilie mix since 9am. I put the rod on the rests and let out loads of line to help it sink. As I was getting everything ready to do photos for the common I kept seeing the line had tightened up, and eventually the penny dropped that I had a carp on that rod as well. I hadn’t turned my alarm on!

No joke, the fight was 27 minutes long! It just came swimming towards the net and then turning his head and powering back out and then shaking his head violently. I realised that I’d left my camera at home, so I got a photo on my phone of the 19lb common and I got my mum to come over with the camera for the second fish - a new personal best at 37 lb 2 oz a Walthamstow Dinosaur, and my first thirty of the year!

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, I had a finicky take which at one point I thought was from a big slab, but it turned out to be long scale perfect 28 lb 15 oz common again it fell to Monster Squid on a KD rig. I was sorely tempted to put a couple kilos of boilies in the swim when I left, but I wasn’t guaranteed to get back in the same swim.

Against all odds I managed to get back in the same swim for a second day, adding a 25 lb mirror, 22 lb 2 oz common and a belting 28 lb 7 oz mirror, again all on Monster Squid fed heavily and with bags dipped in the magic Magma Glug or “Tar”.

Good bait, accurate casting thanks to the Spot On sticks and a little bit of hard work feeding constantly and changing the rigs to find the winning formula had given me two absolute dream days.