Detective Des tracks down super snappers!

NASH all-rounder Des Taylor has claimed a superb run of quality pike after playing predator detective on two Midlands carp venues – using a simple but brilliant adjustable zig style deadbait approach.

A damaged low double snapper taken by a customer during a tuition session on a 15 acre carp fishery was the cue for Des to dust off his own pike rods and do some investigating:

“This fish was 13-14 lb with a big bite mark on it and I twigged it must have been a decent sized old female that had grabbed it. I’d also heard one of the carp anglers had taken a mid or possibly upper 20 pike on a retrieved boilie so I had to start fishing it,” explained Des.
“What I like about predator fishing is that you have to take that chance, you don’t know what is in a venue and there’s a side of me that likes that challenge otherwise I’m following people and the fishing is harder.”

His hunch for an unpressured pike combined with a neat presentation dodge immediately paid dividends.

Being shallow and weedy the venue in question didn’t lend itself to livebaiting, but deadbaits off bottom with a zig style twist produced instant results.
“Paul Garner had given me some nice poppers to pop baits up and I realised if there were any strikes or signs of activity nearby I could open the bail arm and let the bait float to the top and then slowly pull it back down and reset it - like recasting but without the splash. It’s a bit like adjustable zigging for pike but you’re using the rise and fall of the bait to draw interest from any pike nearby.”

The time served 64-year-old from Bewdley, Worcestershire immediately scored with pike of 26 lb 12 oz and 19 lb, subsequently adding another 25-pounder from the same venue, and then investigating a second carp venue on the advice of a friend netted a stunning 29 lb 10 oz croc using an identical approach.

“I’ve had bigger pike but never as nice as this, uncaught, unfished for and beautiful, it was the most perfect few weeks fishing,” he concluded.

Des is also confident that the carp boom is resulting in great opportunities for pike anglers everywhere.

“Whether they are commercials or more big carp syndicate waters the introduction of bait and lack of pressure for other fish gives us loads of other fish to go and catch that they aren’t interested in,” he explained.
“If a carper gets the tactics or swim wrong and has spodded 10 kilos of bait out it’s going to be eaten by other species, and with so many half pound, one pound and even 2 lb roach then the predators are having a great time.”