Cuttle Coffee Break

A TRIP to my favourite Cuttle Mill didn’t start exactly as planned after a busy weekend at the Northern Angling Show – I was gutted to find there was a private entire lake booking on the main Mill Pool, so it was on to the Long Pool I went instead.

The Long Pool is a similar size to Mill Pool although the fish are generally much smaller. With that in mind it was a great opportunity to give the new Instant Action Cappuccino boilies a whirl, and I also knew I could call the Missus to drop my son off after school for a couple of hours bit bashing.

There was a bunch of fish holding up under an overhanging tree on an island feature so before fishing I cracked open the Cappuccino bag and began catapulting a few baits over the top of them. It was quite interesting really because the odd catapult of bait that went slightly off target saw the carp literally following the bait and pretty much taking it as it dropped.

The fish had moved slightly over to the right allowing me to cast a couple of rods to the left. Once happy with where I had placed the rods I started to catapult back to the left over my hook baits. Within ten minutes the R3s came to life and the action began. I fished a standard knotless knot hair rig with a single 15mm Cappuccino hookbait. The fish clearly loved the new bait and the bites came thick and fast.

After a couple of hours the action slowed, smaller they may be but they aren’t daft and they knew they were being angled for. Knowing my son was going to join me after school, I brought the rods in to build up some confidence in the fish. I kept the bait trickling in and just sat back on my chair enjoyed the very Spring like conditions. I could hear the school bells in the distance and by now the fish seemed to be picking up the odd bait.

Callum arrived shortly after and with the rod clipped up his first cast with a rig on was straight on the going spot. As the lead hit the water the fish spooked away but I reassured him they would be back. An hour went by and to be honest I was starting to worry that the fish had moved out for the night.. Then bleep, bleep and scream... an R3 was in meltdown and Callum was into his first fish of the session. He battled it well and after a quick run around I netted a stunning little mirror for him. He’s 12 now and used to enjoy fishing but the past couple of years he has turned his nose up to it as his games consoles have been more important. I could tell by the look on his face I had my little angler back on board.

After another hour without activity Callum said 'Dad, I think the fish have moved out for the night. Can I recast somewhere else?'

After telling him to do as he pleased he chucked out to a different area, fired a few baits over the top and said... 'Now that's carpy…' I laughed and it sort of left me with a proud grin and I kid you not, within five minutes he was into his second carp. I slipped the net under a common for him. With the day drawing to a close, I knew it would be his last of the session but I can’t wait for our next father and son outing together. And we’ll be taking another bag of Cappuccino - they loved it!