Crowy's in the pink!

Posted by Simon Crow
1532 days ago

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With the cold months now upon us I’ve moved onto my syndicate water up in North Yorkshire where I’ve been having some great success on the Citruz.

When I first considered using these really potent boilies I’ll confess that I wasn’t sure they were for me. Many years ago when I was experimenting with carp baits as a youth I couldn’t find a citrus-smelling flavour that carp liked other than strawberry. I tried several different types and they all repelled carp rather than drew them in, which really knocked my confidence in them.

"I caught fish only on that rod..."

When the Citruz was first being sent out to Nash lads for testing I was obviously very hesitant about them, putting them out on just one rod to begin with. When I caught fish only on that rod during the session it was just the boost I needed. I’ve since gone onto several waters and had action on them, and they are now my first choice boilie for the winter ahead.

When I first opened a bag they reminded me of some sweets I used to eat when I was a kid. They were called Refreshers and I hoped the carp would react to them in the same way my taste buds were watering. Although my first test with them was in September, I knew the real test was going to be in November and December when the carp begin to be really finicky.

Surprisingly I caught with them first time on my North Yorkshire syndicate during the third week of November. It was a bitterly cold night too, and I’ve since gone on to catch with them during every single overnighter I’ve tried them. I’ve had some really good fish too, including several mid-twenties which are great fish for the north of England.

All I’ve been doing is fishing them as single hookbaits. Whilst I’m sure they will also work alongside a bit of bait too, rest assured Citruz needs no prebaiting. It’s a ‘grab and go’ style bait which is very attractive both visibly and chemically.

Available in three different sizes – 10mm, 15mm and 20mm – I’ve yet to try the smaller version because the water I’m fishing has lots of bream and nuisance species in. Judging by the way the carp are going crazy for them, I don’t fancy having to deal with the smaller fish too!

If you’re looking for a bait to try this winter, then look no further than Citruz. They are absolutely perfect for short session anglers who want confidence in a bag and they certainly come well recommended.