Crowy catches Kitch the common on The Key

Posted by Simon Crow
1546 days ago

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Continuing a simply unbelievable run of huge carp that is becoming almost as legendary as the performance of Nashbait’s blockbuster The Key® itself top Nash consultant Simon Crow has landed another sought after UK target carp Kitch the Northey Park common at 47 lb 8 oz.

Literally going the extra mile with the punishing long round trip from Carp-Talk’s HQ to the Peterborough, Cambridgeshire venue has paid Simon back in spades. The 44-year-old from Brough, East Yorkshire takes up the story:

“I joined the Northey Park syndicate last year with a view to targeting the famous Kitch which was caught last year by Dave Lane. Unfortunately I only made it down to the lake a couple of times due to concentrating on my fishing closer to home in Yorkshire. This year I rejoined but knew the lake was going to be busy when it opened towards the end of May. I’d purposely decided I wasn’t going to go when it was busy so left it until spawning was out the way and the weed was fully blooming. It’s a very shallow water and at a guess I’d say the weed covers 90% of the lake in the summer, which obviously thins out the anglers.

My first trip was for two nights in the middle of July which saw me land a small common for my efforts. I’d hoped to get into a swim known as Last Stop as that’s where I caught a couple of fish from in 2014, but someone else was in it. That lad went on to land four fish during my trip, and as I was leaving I saw he was pulling off too. I raced the 130 miles home, restocked with bait and food, shot to work at Carp-Talk and then drove the 130 miles back to the lake for an overnighter. That night I went on to lose two fish which was a bit disheartening, but I planned on getting back as soon as I could. I had a recce trip the following week for a few hours but didn’t fish.

The next day I fished was on the 26th July when I left my girlfriend’s house in Doncaster late afternoon and arrived to a monsoon Northey Park. I’m not going to put any spin on the story to make it sound ‘carpy’ or me ‘great’ but the rest was pretty undramatic. It was absolutely lashing it down. There were a couple of lads on and because it was only my third trip there this year I jumped straight into the Last Stop swim which so happened to be one I could drive to. I rushed the baits out just before dark, went to sleep (which was crap due to the rain) and then at 5.30am right in the middle of a weird dream I had a couple of bleeps. There were no nuisance tufties about so I lifted into a fish which never did anything until it got weeded up half way in. I put the rod down in the rest and left it. A few minutes later it knocked again and I reeled in a big ball of weed.

Thinking the fish had gone I then saw a small bit of it so scooped it up. I thought it was only a tiddler until I saw half of it hanging out of the net! Realising it was a common I flicked the net to get the rest of it in. I still didn't know which fish I had until I lifted it on the mat and saw this amazing carp in front of me!”

Successful tactic for Simon was a 20mm Nashbait Key boilie fished over 100 free offerings on a size 6 Nash Fang X hook, Combi-link hooklink and 2oz lead.