Carp with no names from a lake with no swims

Posted by Steve Briggs
1903 days ago

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One country I’ve really got to like in recent years is Poland, not only are the people some of the friendliest I’ve come across but the carp fishing possibilities are mind-blowing - it reminds me a bit of France 20 years ago when there was so much to discover and it was pioneering almost every step of the way.

My most recent trip involved fishing two different waters, one was a more ‘regular’ carp water, the 50 acre Tuszynek Lake in the north of the country while the other was a wild 370 acre lake previously unfished by carp anglers with almost nothing about its inhabitants!

I had four nights at Tuszynek to try and catch a few of its lovely carp but with temperatures in the low to mid 30s it was never going to be easy and thoughts were that we’d struggle or catch a few small ones. Indeed after a quiet first night I caught my first one - a 13 lb dark scaley mirror!

The lake is lined with lily pads and although they looked good there was little activity in the area so I decided to heavily bait an area in the centre of the lake with Monster Squid red 15mm boilies along with pellets and mixed seeds. It went completely against the advice I’d had but the baited area worked the next night with a 32 lb mirror which was really encouraging.

The bed of the lake is entirely very soft silt which made presentation difficult. I didn’t change too much around, but did use a one of the rather special Citruz pop-ups on test from Nash to keep it as buoyant as possible. That was fished four inches (10cm) off the bottom on a size 6 Twister to 25lb Armourlink braid, with the thinking being that the soft Armourlink would present a buoyant bait off bottom better than a coated braid.

It worked again on the third night with a couple of fish up to 34 lb and things were looking good. I was thinking it was such a shame to only have one night left, but that final night was one to remember when at 2.30am I hooked into the largest fish in the lake and the only known fifty at 55 lb 8oz!!! I was over the moon with that as it meant that I’d now had 50-pounders from nine different countries - happy days! A 32 lb common and a very small mirror completed the first part of the tour.

The second part of the trip really gave me butterflies of excitement when we arrived at a totally new venue to carp fishing, a huge wild lake of unknown potential. We knew that carp had been stocked 20 or so years earlier and there had been some sightings but other than that it was all a big mystery. Much of it was weed-choked with only marginal clear spots to fish.

I opted for maize hook baits fished on size 4 Twisters with 35 lb Combilink hook links and 6 oz Tractor leads. For all of the fishing I was using my little 10 foot 3.5lb Scopes, which I just love using anywhere. After two blank nights I moved about 500 metres further down the lake, but still saw no signs of anything carpy - so when at 5am the next morning I had an absolute screamer out of the blue it was the best feeling in the world. I had no idea what would be on the end but after a tense battle I slipped the Scope net under a 32 lb ancient-looking mirror - what a result!

I can’t tell you how happy I was with that one, but the next morning I was away again with an even better mirror of 44 lb 12 oz which really gave me the runaround. They were the only two fish caught from the lake and probably the first two carp ever caught by design.

It was an awesome experience and I’ll be going back out there for sure in the future and also to fish some of the other mysterious waters that Poland has to offer. I enjoy all types of carp fishing but for me carp which don’t have names in waters that don’t have swims is the ultimate for me - and they are out there if you look hard enough.