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1817 days ago

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home without the deadly Instant Action Coconut Creme


I thought my days of using ready-mades were behind me with so many good freezer baits available at Nash, but my bait thoughts have gone through a complete U turn since the launch of Instant Action.

Alan Blair sent me a few sample bags to try and I must admit that they stayed in the box for a few weeks. But first time out and I caught a fish on one of my local waters with the Coconut Crème baits and that got me interested as by then I’d heard some good things from other people about them.

In February I had a week booked at Rainbow Lake in France and with the temperatures right down I thought the Instant Action range might be worth a go – and they sure were! First day I banked two fish including a clonking 57 lb 8 oz common, one of my best winter captures. I caught on the Tangerine Dream as well but it was the Coconut which caught the most – even my mate who was blanking used them for his last day and banked a 42 lb mirror!


Does what it says on the bag - action comes instantly


Knowing how tricky Rainbow can be with bait that trip gave me the confidence to use them more as winter turned to spring. Next were trips to Germany and Belgium, both on difficult waters but I had great results from both waters with fish to mid 40s, again on the Coconuts. It was an amazing change going from not using ready-mades to having them as my first choice - but when something works that well I don’t question it – I just use it. This year alone I’ve used the Instant Action in six different countries and caught from all of them almost immediately, it does what it says on the bag and the action has come fairly instantly!

One of my most recent trips was to Poland and it was roasting with air temperatures up to 35 degrees and a water temperature of 27 degrees. Guess what… first day in the swim and the first fish fell to the Coconuts! So what that proves to me is that they will work right through the temperature range from the coldest February sessions to the hottest August ones, a true all year round bait.

Why they are so good I have no idea, maybe Gary Bayes could answer that one better but they continue to work everywhere. At first I was baiting fairly lightly with them but as the results came I gradually used more and more. I was back at Rainbow in May and I found the more I put in, the more action I received. It was a red-letter session with three commons over 60 lb on the bounce up to 67 lb 8 oz plus several mirrors to 59 lb. The interesting thing was that the action increased as the session went on with the last two days being the best of all, proving that the fish really had a taste for the Coconut Crème and were coming back for more. For that trip I was using a mixture of 15 and 20mm – I’d probably use 10 and 15mm for UK fishing but a mixture of sizes always seems to work better than one size only.


Monster Squid and Coconut Creme in combination


Mostly I use a snowman rig on the Continent, so it’s brilliant that each bag of the Instant Action boilies comes with a little bag of matching Airball pop-ups. One little trick which has worked for me is to use a purple Monster Squid pop up with the Coconut Crème bottom bait, for some reason that combination works really well, but again I don’t know why – I just try things and if they work I carry on with them.

Of course the great thing with Instant Action is that I don’t have to worry about preserving or freezing baits - a constant worry when taking fresh bait abroad. The majority of my trips are at least a week and anything up to three or four weeks, But the convenience-side is only a bonus as the main factor is that they catch fish everywhere. That goes for the UK too as one of my best ever sessions on home waters came this year at Grenville Lake in Cambridgeshire, where I had a stack of fish up to 44 lb 8 oz, many of them on the Coconuts.

I don’t tend to mess about with bait too much. At times I use glugs or dips but generally prefer to use baits straight out of the bag. I’m a big believer in getting fish feeding and then catching them with the bait they’re feeding on. I’m amazed by just how much carp will eat at times and my best sessions have been when I’ve used the most bait.


Changed views on ready-mades


Instant Action has changed my views on ready-made baits, not only can they be good, they can be better than anything else on their day. I have always believed that good bait forms the basis of all my fishing, if I have a good bait then I know I have a chance of catching fish and everywhere I go now the Coconut Crèmes go with me – which should tell you everything you need to know about how highly I rate it!


1. Instant Action Coconut Crème, a first choice bait for Steve Briggs home and abroad.

2. Catching this Rainbow fish on the first day of a February trip started to give me real confidence in the Coconut Crème.

3. Most times the more I put in the more I catch!

4. Over in Germany the same story - Coconut Crème worked instantly.

5. The Instant Action’s have worked just as well in the UK as abroad.

6. Coconut Crème and purple Monster Squid works really well together as a cocktail.

7. The best of three 60 lb Rainbow commons on the bounce when they couldn’t get enough of the white wonders.