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It’s the definitive range of the most deadly carp bait additives that have ever been used, Nashbait Ace Cards are the liquids and powders that until now, have only been available to those ‘in the know…’

With a pedigree that has seen them catching carp for decades for some of the most successful (and secretive!) carpers around, these are the additives to turn to when difficult carp demand the most effective bait you can produce.

From catching carp back in the golden days of Longfield and Savay, to outsmarting prizes as highly valued as the Black Mirror, these previously hush hush additives are the trump cards in your bait armoury – and all exclusive to Nashbait.

Dr Keith Sykes guides us through the gems that result from literally a lifetime’s research into carp bait additives.


Amino 23
A specific, dedicated blend of 23 different amino acids, feeding triggers, nucleotides and taste enhancers that can be used to enhance almost any type of bait. For the first time allowing anglers of any experience to use amino acids effectively without having to weigh out small amounts, which can prove to be tricky and incredibly hit and miss.

The green plume from Amino 23 dissipates easily into the water column providing instant attraction, making a great soak for single hookbait work, and can also be used to spice up pellet hookers as well as boilie free offerings.

We know amino acids are one of the most stimulatory groups of chemicals to attract carp – and this blend was the common ingredient in several of the baits that caught the elusive Colnemere giant.

But it’s also a huge asset to carpers at the other extreme of the sport, those bagging on runs waters and even barbel and chub anglers – making a great soak for pellets in bags mixes or a splash into groundbaits.

Top Tip
Try soaking Ziggaz foams in Amino 23 for more takes this Spring


Liquid Betaine
This is a combination of highly stimulatory Betaines, along with other amino acids, which have an overall synergistic effect, making the liquid into an amazingly attractive, PVA friendly liquid that gives it added dimension for use in bags or in stick mixes.

Our carrier is very special in as much as it is a heavy matrix meaning the Betaine dissipates very slowly into water, leaving a high residue on the bottom surrounding the treated hookbait, whilst at the same time allowing a natural signal to be passed into the water column, to pull passing fish down into the bait zone. It’s this multi-dimensional attraction that gives the Ace Cards Betaine a twist that ensures superior fish pulling performance.

Top Tip
A brilliant high attract liquid to make stick mixes


The Bite
One smell of this and you’ll either loved it or you’ll hate it, and be under no illusion what product it’s closely related to. We know how good a certain toast spread is in carp baits, having been used since the 1960s. This is an exclusive version of it, a thick yeasty product which carp just love.

Spread over any bait, or put in any bait and The Bite will give you just that! It really comes into its own in paste baits, and also as a stand alone hookbait dunk, simply immerse the hooker into the yeast and cast out, a deadly method for alternative single bait fishing. It also makes a great additive for stick mixes when blended with a small amount of cod liver oil. If you want to coat your boilie freebies then simply mix with lake water at a ratio of 50/50.

Top Tip
Although very dense, The Bite is a brilliant dip for surface hookbaits when it’s hard to get a take – carp just home in on it


Artificial baits are such a major part of today’s tactics that we wanted a hookbait soak specifically for enhancing baits like rubber corn and maggots.

Plasti-Soak is based on dedicated attractors and taste enhancers which attach themelves to fake baits, further enhanced with a small inclusion of liquid Talin to make the taste in the water even more prolonged and attractive. Wind a Plasti-Soak treated bait in after being out in the lake all night and you’ll be left in no doubt it is still actively pulling carp for you even after a long spell in the wet stuff.

A great edge is topping off boilies and other hookbaits with a fake bait that has been soaked in this super rich smelling attractor. Simply add your fake baits to the pot and leave for as long as you want, the longer they are in there the better they get!

Top Tip
Plasti-Soak treated artificial are a great choice where weed and silt smells can taint other baits and reduce their effectiveness


With a carp catching history second to none Tangleberry can be used in endless ways. this broad spectrum blend of esters, alcohols and Talin just oozes fish attraction in a bottle.

A brilliant additive and attractor which due to its components and make up means it is very water soluble for instant attraction, making it a really good cold water additive. Add to particles, spod mixes and groundbait, boilie mixes, maggots, fake baits, the list is endless, a fish catching magnet! Every angler should have a bottle of this in his or her bait bag.

Top Tip
Tangleberry brings the best out in tigers, leave your nuts soaking, the longer the better. They seem to get better with age!


A very special one this, which will find favor for big carp anglers on hard pressurized waters.

This is the additive that is literally designed to stimulate carp to feed when conditions dictate they wouldn’t – developed by the aquaculture industry to induce increased food intake, particularly when carp are lethargic or seemingly off their food. This is guaranteed to get them feeding on those off days, turning the session into a red letter day instead!

It is also very heat stable meaning that it can be used in boilies without losing its potency. Another unique product within the Nashbait range, it contains amino acids, feed inducers and taste modifiers. Application is broad spectrum from boilies, to particles to pastes and groundbait.

Top Tip
Aqua-Tract can be dissolved easily in water for better distribution through groundbaits or to make an easy and instant soak and splash


pH Trigger
An amazing additive that carp can taste long before they eat a bait, pH Trigger causes localized pH changes underwater to signpost your bait incredibly effectively in all conditions.

Although intensely sweet this contains several natural additives, which help enhance any flavour profile. Add it to anything, this is one of those that you’ll never stop using once you have started.

We know how much carp like Talin, and how it enhances and prolongs the taste perception, pH Trigger does this and more with its finely tuned and balanced sweetening agents. The taste experience of this is simply awesome and incredibly prolonged. Low-level applications make this go a long way!

Top Tip
pH Trigger has been used very successfully for top dressing maggots


Old Skool
Many experienced carpers will recognize this one, a blast from the past brought back to the market for the experimental amongst us. An intense taste profile modifier with a beautiful prolonged sweetening effect, and ester background, makes this a sweetening, enhancing compound with a difference!

It is a superb hookbait dip in its own right, and has also proved to be devastating when used with maggots and particles. If you use bird food baits then you will ask for this in it, it’s great on milk proteins taking them into a world of their own.

Top Tip
If you want a stick mix additive with a difference look at this one