A week on The Bow

Posted by Simon Crow
766 days ago

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Back in late October Nash ‘jungalist’ Oli Davies and I embarked on a week-long trip to the mighty Rainbow Lake in France. This was my first trip to the legendary lake for a couple of years, and it was Oli’s first ever visit. We had peg 6 available to us, a swim I’d never fished before. What I did know about it though, was it was a good area to fish for the time of the year. Only the week before our visit, it had produced a couple of decent fish so at least we were moving into a swim where we knew some good ‘uns were about.

Oli took the left-hand side and me the right. We had roughly 10-15 acres of water to go at, which is a good chunk of the 100-acre venue. There were loads of features in front of us, including a big cigar-shaped island as well as lots of bays. It was a task choosing where to put the rods with so many options available to us. Nevertheless, we found some good areas in between the mass of bars that we were happy with. We both decided to concentrate on the deeps of the bars where the depths dropped down to 11ft or thereabouts. Oli decided to go in very light on the baiting front, just offering a handful of bait around each rod. I fished it ‘Rainbow’ style, filling it in with lots of boilies and particles and sitting it out for a biggie, a method that has done so many big fish on the water over the years.

The first half of the week belonged to Oli as he had a fast start with a trio of good fish, including a 65lb, 59lb 14oz and low-forty before I’d even moved out of my chair! When he chipped in with a fourth fish, I knew something had to be done to get things going in my swim so I pulled a rod off the bait and fished it over just a trickling of bait. When that rod went the next morning with a forty on the end, I’d found the solution, and switched all four rods over to the same tactic. At last things started to happen and by the end of the week I’d landed a further eight fish, including a couple of forties and a lovely 61lb common on the last morning before packing up.    

It was a great ending to a fantastic week of fishing. The first half belonged to Oli, and the second half went to me. I went there with a pre-conceived plan of fishing it the same as everyone else, but in the end I needed to adjust my approach to make things happen. I’m sure glad I did and we finished with a total of 14 fish between us, including two 60s, a 50 and three 40s. A big thank you to Pascal and the rest of the Rainbow family for sharing lovely times.