Review of the Nash Siren R3

Remote alarms are standard issue nowadays, available in every price range and with a huge number of features. For regular carp anglers there are some essential requirements, we are at the water for long periods and need long battery life. Many of us go angling at temperatures below zero as well as during summer heatwaves, meaning a modern alarm has to be robust and withstand a lot. Having picked the Nash Siren R3 for a long-term test and given it a real good assessment, we tell you honestly whether the R3s are as good as they are claimed to be or whether you should stay clear of them!

The Design of the Nash Siren R3 Bite Indicator

The Nash Siren R3 is a fashionable, black package. First impressions are of a quality product that makes you want to check it out. The box graphics are smart, the alarm is protected by a high density polystyrene insert and poly-wrapped. The box also includes a comprehensive manual.

The Siren R3 is considerably smaller than you would imagine until you get your hands on it. On some of the photos released earlier, it seems a large design but that is not the case. Possibly the integrated Snag Ears are responsible for the illusion. The entire case is kept in black with only two buttons. On the left side, there is an X-Button which is complemented by an On/Off button. The additional indicator thread at the front impressed us, allowing Nash Slap Head or Optics indicator systems to be directly screwed into the R3 head rather than needing additional mounting brackets. There’s even an internal LED which illuminates as well, with the Optics Light Pipes it allows Optics bobbins to glow the same colour as the alarm LED. Lastly, there’s a tough protective rubber case which safeguards the alarm during transport, it’s another nice touch.

We got excited when we saw the receiver. It’s really smart and even more compact than an iPhone. It fits into any trouser pocket and even has a handy Karabiner clip and cord. Hanging it inside your tent or on the car mirrors is not a problem thanks to its low weight. Each receiver has five LEDs and four control buttons.

Workmanship and Robustness of the Siren Set

The alarm and receiver casings are moulded plastic which appears to be high quality but we did have our concerns at first concerning their durability. The Snag Ears are neatly attached to the alarm with brass threads and will keep the rod on the alarm through the most savage takes. With the roller wheel Nash have done a great job here too, very smooth running which not many alarms can claim.

One of the key selling points of the R3 is an Intelligent Sensing system, helping eliminate false bleeps due to current, wind and even floating weed. The LED-thread is neatly built in. In terms of all weather performance our set withstood rain, heat and a severe hailstorm. There is absolutely nothing to complain about. The waterproof performance is reliable and matches top market players in this area.

Radio Quality and Range

A fashionable receiver is of course no use if it doesn’t function well. Nash go out on a limb here, claiming a range of 400 meters. This is to emphasise the strength of the signal transmission in difficult terrain, not to encourage people to be away from their rods. R3 Receivers are also claimed to offer 1:1 reproduction of what happens at the alarm head at that distance. A big claim! We wanted to test this claim thoroughly. We would never move away that far from our rods, thus we tested the remote performance without rods being in the water. We drove away from the receiver in a closed car. Even after 500 meters, we still got a clear signal. When canal angling, we positioned the rods in two opposing directions from a bivvy, and despite rain hammering down on the tent the receiver picked up any indication instantly.

The radio signal of the Siren R3 bite indicator is as strong as promised. We are even convinced that it out performs other higher priced bite indicators. The radio performance is the highlight and a crucial quality attribute of the Nash Sirens. It’s doing its job!

The programming of the Nash Siren R3

The bite indicator only has two buttons but a great number of features. Of course a volume control, different tone pitches, a sensitivity adjustment and even complete muting. Does that make the user manual heavy reading? No, because Nash keeps it simple and works with easy combinations of two buttons to access the features..

We recommend a first set-up with instructions. Later, the basic settings are easy to remember. If you cannot be bothered to deal with the manual, there’s also a video explanation of programming the heads to the receiver on the Nash website.

Conclusion about the Nash Siren R3 Bite Indicator Set

We are delighted by the Nash Siren R3 Set and can truly recommend it. The radio performance is absolutely magnificent! No other, high priced bite indicator set we have used so far is able to keep up with it. The design of the bite indicator is stylish but remains a matter of taste, of course. The receiver definitely scores! The competition’s receivers are usually bigger, chunkier and don’t seem so modern. The signal strength of the receiver and the compact design make for a dream combination!

Here we should also add that the R3 Receiver is able to pair with up to 32 different R3 indicators using the last LED, so you can also save your mate’s bite indicators to your receiver. We can also rave about the battery life. The Siren R3 are very energy efficient. Even if you fish hard, the battery lasts for more than a year. Thus, exactly the right bite indicator for serious carp anglers who angle a lot and who demand performance.

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