Bait Edges - PVA Friendly Particles

Nashbait’s dedicated Particle Boosters are all PVA friendly, and mixing with Nashbait Particles will produce PVA friendly baits in minutes, allowing you the presentation edge of a small cobweb or solid PVA bag containing the best tigers, maize or hemp for example.

Step 1
Drain off any excess liquid from the bait.

Step 2
For Mixed Candy Tigers, Tiger Nut Slush and Salted Mega Mix add a generous splash of any Particle Booster to a small container and mix with a handful of particle.

Step 3
Ensure the particle and booster are well mixed together. After leaving for 10-20 minutes you have PVA friendly particles – it’s so easy.

Step 4
For Salted Mini Mix, Slicker Hemp and Slicker Spiced Hemp adding 10 grams of 4G Squid Salt Dust (one and a half teaspoons) per 200 grams drained bait will produce PVA friendly particles. The 4G Squid Salt Dust also enhances taste and attraction.

Step 5
You can also add a splash of any Particle Booster in with the salted particle to boost attraction yet further. Mix well and leave for 10-20 minutes.

Step 6
Although the PVA appears to get ‘wet’ it won’t dissolve, allowing you to make PVA bags exactly as you would with pellets and crushed boilies. PVA mesh lasts days containing particles prepared this way, solid PVA bags need to be made as required.