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The NASHional academy visits Bayeswater day ticket lake

On the 14th August a team from Nash HQ made their way over to the Bayeswater day ticket lake for a 36hour fish-in with a group of lads from a local school.

Over the last 12 months these lads have received tuition from a number of experts in various areas - ranging from lessons on Business Studies with Kevin Nash through to Media Studies with Nash Journalist Oli Davies and NashTV's tame cameraman Winston Nugara. The lads have massively improved their angling skills (as well as many other skills for that matter!) during this time, and with tutors such as Alan Blair teaching them a variety of angling disciplines we wouldn't have expected anything else!

The aim of this fishing session was to up some P.B.s and put the knowledge the lads had gained over the year into practise. Gary Bayes very kindly allowed us to use his dayticket lake (Bayeswater, near Chelmsford) for the event, and being the top bloke and fishery owner that he is, Gary roped off a section of bank especially for us. The problem was - for the first 6 hours or so anyway - most of the carp were sitting at the opposite end of the lake sunning themselves. It was beginning to look dire as we went into the first evening, but eventually the ever-persistent angling machine Alan Blair had carp searching out the Riser Pellets, which he had been steadily feeding to try and tempt the carp into our water. Once we had fish feeding in front, Alan quickly set about helping two of the lads to bag their first carp of the session - the first an upper double common for young Dan, and then a
scraper 20lb mirror for Carl. Good angling boys!

Through the night there were two more bites to the boys rods; one on a bottom bait rod, and one on a zig rig; but with the new day came a change in the weather. The day before there had been a very gentle breeze up into the shallows, with a relatively clear sky plus blazing hot sun, but this morning we were met with a cloudy sky and a brisk wind pushing into the corner where the lads were fishing. It felt a good few degrees cooler - spot on for a few bites on the bottom we reckoned. and it wasn't long before one of the rods was away again on a bottom bait. This time it was young Henry's turn to man the battle stations, and after a long scrap a gorgeous linear mirror rolled into the waiting net. It was a PB for Henry at 17lb 8oz, but I don't think the weight mattered to him all that much anyway - the fish was a minter!

Mark Watson (Our northern carp catching machine had travelled all the way "Darn Sarf" to help out - thank you Mark!) mentioned it wouldn't be long before that same rod was off again, and sure enough 20 minutes later Mark was shouting for one of the lads to come and help him winch in a hard fighting upper double. Joe obliged and was soon holding a pristine common up for the cameras.

Once a full round of Sausage, Bacon and Egg 'sarnies' had been demolished it turned into another hot day with fish cruising around up on the top. Mr Blair got them going on the surface again by baiting little and often with the devastating Riser Pellet, and this time it was Charlie who struck into a surface kipper. This one held its ground for quite a while, and when it eventually hit the surface we could all see why - it was about 3ft long (well, not quite)! It looked to be an old original fish and it was a definite 20lb'er (probably a mid 20 earlier in the year before spawning) and another PB broken.

The lads finished the session with 8 carp before the heavens opened and the action ended - just in time to put the BBQ back on again! Bayeswayer has matured into a top class venue - with more and more 20lb'ers coming through each year and all of them true English stunners. Our thanks must go to Gary for allowing the lads to fish this very special lake. hopefully he will let us come back next year!

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