Zip Sack (Safety System)

From the original innovators of carp sacks, the safest retention system yet incorporating fluoro H block markers to prevent any danger of losing a sacked carp. Available in two sizes. 

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Zip Sack (Safety System)

Developed by Kevin Nash after experiences in France where muskrats chewed through sacks cords, the Safety System sacks adds security and peace of mind, with an H Block marker attached to a heavy duty ring at one end of the sack to ensure should the worst ever happen and a sack came loose or cord was severed or chewed a carp would easily be located and retrieved not sentenced to a grim end. A second heavy duty ring attaches to four metres of rot proof retaining cord to securing the sack to a bankstick or storm pole.

Both the Zip Sack and Monster Zip Sack are manufactured from the original airflow material Kevin sourced for its superior oxygen and water exchange, also maintaining a dark environment to keep carp calm. Nash only recommend Safety System sacks to retain carp.

Available Options

Name TCode Price
Zip Sack (Safety System) T0104 £16.99
Monster Carp Zip Sack (Safety System) T0105 £18.99

Product Information


Approximate Dimensions:

Zip Sack: 98 cm (l) x 70 cm (d)

Monster Carp Zip Sack: 122 cm (l) x 85 cm (d)

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