Monster Crab

One of the most famous carp attractors ever discovered, Monster Crab is now in an exclusive new Instant Action recipe. Pure crab, pure performance!

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One of the most famous carp attractors ever discovered

Catching carp everywhere it has been used for decades, Monster Crab has a reputation and a big fish record second to none. A subdued colour prevents alarming carp on pressured fisheries, the attractor profile kept at pure Monster Crab at the optimum level for fast results without other additives to lessen its appeal. A great catcher both summer and winter, it’s one of the legendary Nashbait additives that is back by popular demand.


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Name TCode Price
Monster Crab 12mm 200g (3 free pop ups) B3300 £2.99
Monster Crab 15mm 200g (3 free pop ups) B3418 £2.99
Monster Crab 12mm 1kg (3 free pop ups) B3310 £7.99
Monster Crab 15mm 1kg (3 free pop ups) B3518 £7.99
Monster Crab 18mm 1kg (3 free pop ups) B3320 £7.99
Monster Crab 20mm 1kg (3 free pop ups) B3528 £7.99
Monster Crab 15mm 2.5kg (3 free pop ups) B3535 £18.99
Monster Crab 18mm 2.5kg (3 free pop ups) B3330 £18.99
Monster Crab 20mm 2.5kg (3 free pop ups) B3545 £18.99
Monster Crab 15mm 5kg (3 free pop ups) B3558 £37.99
Monster Crab 18mm 5kg (3 free pop ups) B3340 £37.99
Monster Crab 20mm 5kg (3 free pop ups) B3568 £37.99

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