Indulgence Low Line

Complete luxury and comfort with minimum weight, the Low Line gives you maximum room under your shelter.

Price: £112.99

TCode: T9707

The Low Line provides the ultimate comfort for the mobile carper

Complete luxury and comfort with minimum weight, for maximum room under your shelter whilst enjoying all the features that you would expect from its brothers the Big Daddy and Daddy Long Legs.

Shorter legs sit you comfortably in a shelter or under a brolly with more headroom and usable space – essential in poor weather. The arms are also lower down the frame to allow the angler to smoothly strike from the seated position.


  • Short leg, low profile frame to improve space under brollies and shelters
  • Fully reclining
  • Unique Nash patented hand wheel prevents teeth lock eliminating jamming
  • Luxury padded suede effect cover with double depth filling
  • Rear leg locking pin
  • Low-Line arms with neoprene sleeves add comfort



Product Information




Dimensions: 53cm (width) x 55cm (height of back) 

Approximate weight: 8 kg

Leg length extension: 36 - 51cm

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